Music in Me opens four music centres for Palestine refugee children

On the 7th of July, to the rhythm of traditional Arab Music, the Ramallah Children's Music Centre in ein el-Tal Camp was inaugurated

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Opening Children Music Center in Khan Dannoun Camp

On April the 8th, the Ariha Children Music Center is inaugurated in Khan Dannoun refugee camp. This is Music in Me's fifth Music Centre for refugee children in Syria

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Music lessons in Silwan

During the period 2007-2009, Music in Me sponsored the Mada'a Community Center in Silwan, a poor Arab neighborhood in Jerusalem. Thousands of children live here in poverty and are subject to stress due to the ongoing conflict. With the inauguration of the music school sponsored by Music in Me, the Madaa Community Center was established, where the children of Silwan finally have had the chance to express themselves through music and art.

The music education program is planned to grow and be provided to more than 150 children, regardless of their economic or religious background. Collaborations with other music institutes are planned for the next school year, where the children will have the chance to communicate through music with other Arab and Jewish children.

In the school year 2007-2008, the first group of 30 children aged 6-12 followed the first introduction year, where they learned how to play various musical instruments, listen to each other, and connect to their musical heritage. The children performed in and outside their neighbourhood, and will continue next year to study their choice of instrument: oud, guitar, piano, violin, darbuka or cello. In addition, a new group will start an introduction year.

Children in Silwan during their first workshop



Establishment of a music school in Nablus and surrounding refugee camps

Nablus is the most devastated of the Palestinian West Bank municipalities; its economy is destroyed by the ongoing violent occupation and political instability. In cooperation with the NGO Project Hope, Music in Me will set up a well administrated music school where music lessons and performances can take place, and where children can practice in peace and quiet. This will be a safe place where educational and recreational activities are carried out in a group setting. Project Hope will also extend its work to the community centers in the refugee camps near Nablus and will support local musical initiatives in the camps.

Music education and music activities will be provided to about 150 talented children, irrespective of their religious background. They will have the opportunity to learn about their musical heritage, to play together, to share the joy of music and to communicate at an artistic level. This will foster mutual respect and understanding. And hopefully, in the long-term, contribute to the peace process.

This project in Nablus will broaden the Palestinian musical network further into the West Bank.

If the funds are available, this project can start in September 2008. So,  please make a donation.


Arab Jewish Youth Orchestra

In 2006, Music in Me supported the Israeli Arab Jewish Youth Orchestra with the development of a promotion DVD. In 2006, the orchestra played some compositions with the Dutch composer Merlijn Twaalfhoven. New projects are envisaged for the upcoming years.