Music in Me opens four music centres for Palestine refugee children

On the 7th of July, to the rhythm of traditional Arab Music, the Ramallah Children's Music Centre in ein el-Tal Camp was inaugurated

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Opening Children Music Center in Khan Dannoun Camp

On April the 8th, the Ariha Children Music Center is inaugurated in Khan Dannoun refugee camp. This is Music in Me's fifth Music Centre for refugee children in Syria

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Music education for children in Kirkuk and refugee camps


1. Kirkuk City

2. Panga Ali Camp

3. Failaq Camp

Iraq is in turmoil. Thousands of families have fled with their children to safer places in Iraq and to other countries. They are living in deprived conditions in refugee camps. Music as an alternative means of communication fosters dialogue and mutual understanding. Music can alleviate trauma by bringing back joy, instilling self-confidence and inspiring hope for a better future.

The war in Iraq is also putting pressure on the sustainability of Iraq’s vibrant musical heritage. Music in Me aims to create a network of organizations devoted to sustain this musical heritage and devoted to empower those who have been affected, by nourishing them with their own music. Following a fact-finding trip in January 2007, Music in Me will organise over the next two years a project for music education in Kirkuk and refugee camps in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region.

In April 2008, Music in Me commenced by supporting local traditional maqam musicians in Kirkuk who set up a music centre for children in the tormented town. In this new Music in Me project, artists from Kirkuk and elsewhere in Iraq will teach and perform at the music centre in Kirkuk and in the refugee camps.


Managing Director Frans Wolfkamp in an Iraqi Refugee Camp - April 2008

Other Children's Music Centres will be established in the Panga Ali Camp and the Failaq Camp, later in 2008. Music in Me has found professional local musicians from Kirkuk who will provide music education to the refugee children in the camps.

The main target group of the project is refugee children, but the exchange of artists, the creation of teaching opportunities and the organisation of performances will also stimulate the whole musical infrastructure in the region in general.

The project is a pilot for projects for refugees near Chamchamal, Khanaqin and Suleymania who are currently living in the same very basic conditions, deeply affected by the violence and tensions in Iraq.