Music in Me opens four music centres for Palestine refugee children

On the 7th of July, to the rhythm of traditional Arab Music, the Ramallah Children's Music Centre in ein el-Tal Camp was inaugurated

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Opening Children Music Center in Khan Dannoun Camp

On April the 8th, the Ariha Children Music Center is inaugurated in Khan Dannoun refugee camp. This is Music in Me's fifth Music Centre for refugee children in Syria

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Our mission

Music in me supports and organises different music related development projects for poor children and young people in the Middle East. Music in me uses the power of music to improve tolerance and increase mutual respect between people in conflict zones. Music brings people together and helps them understand each other better. Our durable projects also aim to improve the general standard of living among the many deprived people of the Middle East. While realising these goals, music in me is open for and encourages every enthusiastic initiative that controbutes to our mission.