Music in Me opens four music centres for Palestine refugee children

On the 7th of July, to the rhythm of traditional Arab Music, the Ramallah Children's Music Centre in ein el-Tal Camp was inaugurated

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Opening Children Music Center in Khan Dannoun Camp

On April the 8th, the Ariha Children Music Center is inaugurated in Khan Dannoun refugee camp. This is Music in Me's fifth Music Centre for refugee children in Syria

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The idea of Music in Me arose in 1999 in the sphere of political rest in the Middle East when people working in the field of Middle Eastern music made clear that music could play an important role in the region. Despite conditions have been deteriorating since, the idea that music could foster reconciliation and social development remained alive. In 2003, the Music in the Middle East Foundation (Music in Me) was established and in consultation with experts a portfolio of 25 possible projects has been developed. In the period 2005-2007, Music in Me has implemented, besides some smaller projects, the first multi annual projects, with generous support of the DOEN Foundation: 

- Establishment of the first “Nimreen” Children Music Center in the Yarmouk Refugee 

Camp near Damascus. 

- Establishment of The Middle East Institute for Music Therapy in Amman 

- Training of the staff of the Dar al Assad Centre for Culture and Arts in Damascus.  

In the period 2008-2010 the DOEN Foundation will continue its financial support. With this support, Music in Me can reach out to more refugee children in Palestinian refugee camps in Syria and Lebanon, to refugee children in the Iraq Kurdistan region and to deprived children in the Silwan village of Jerusalem. Music in Me will continue to support to the Dar al Assad in Damascus and the Institute for Music Therapy in Amman. Concerning the development of the organization, Music in Me will invest in a project coordinator in Jordan and means for internal and external communication and PR.