Music in Me opens four music centres for Palestine refugee children

On the 7th of July, to the rhythm of traditional Arab Music, the Ramallah Children's Music Centre in ein el-Tal Camp was inaugurated

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Opening Children Music Center in Khan Dannoun Camp

On April the 8th, the Ariha Children Music Center is inaugurated in Khan Dannoun refugee camp. This is Music in Me's fifth Music Centre for refugee children in Syria

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Together we can give music to the children of the Middle East

In the Middle East around 1.5 million children are living as refugees. Many of them live in appalling conditions. The rattle of machine guns and the howling of rockets and mortars has become more familiar repertoire than the rich musical culture of their ancestors. Help Music in Me let these children sing again. Help us, to bring them into contact with music and give them new hope for a better life, peace and mutual understanding through our projects. 

Music soothes and heals, gives joy and moves. Music in Me gives poor children in the Middle East something to look forward to, music lessons for example, or an instrument for which their parents often lack the financial means. 

Music in Me works with a large network of relief organizations and local music organizations. Together we set up sustainable projects. For example, the music schools in Rashidieh refugee camp near Beirut, in Yarmouk camp in Damascus and in Silwan, a deprives area of Jerusalem. Our aim is to establish many more projects and so be able to reach out to many, many more refugee children. We cannot do this without your generosity. Please help us to help these children and send a donation to Music in Me on International Bank Account Number (IBAN): NL31ABNA0484469703.